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"Pure Talent is unique in its ability to immediately ‘get it’ ... to have a keen understanding of our goals and of our intended audience. Working with Pure Talent has also proved to be an enjoyable creative adventure. It's always smooth sailing and you get want you want when you reach the shoreline! With Pam Towns and Pure Talent, we've achieved the perfect medium with our message meeting her exceptional design - again and again Pam has invented fresh and meaningful concepts with a consistent brand. As an advocacy organization, we need to educate and inspire our stakeholders and one way we do this is through these materials."
Laura Hart, Director of Communications

The Arc of the United States


"Pure Talent is Pure Excellence. You’ve created a logo and website that is the tangible expression of the image that I had in my mind. It truly represents Excellence! We look professional, classy, smart, unique, and darn good! I am so impressed by how you seemed to listen to me, get a feel for me and my work, as well as my target audience. No easy task. Then you crafted it and made it perfect. Working with you was my pleasure.”

Nicole M. Alford, PhD, President & CEO

Alford Psychological Consulting, LLC


"The annual report Pure Talent Graphic Design designed for the AMDA Foundation exceeded my expectations. It reflects the image we’re working to attain. I’m amazed that you managed to complete it on time, despite my delays and crazy deadlines. It was great working with you. I hope we can work together on future projects.”

Gwendolyn Maddox, Executive Director

The AMDA Foundation


"The logo was an integral part of giving the 9th Annual Hero Awards a new identity. It has worked well. Normally we only receive six nominations. But with the new identity and marketing campaign, we had over 85 nominations.”

Doreen Ruffin-Sims, Director of Communications




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